Monday, February 10, 2014

More Igloos

Last week I posted a photo of an igloo that my neighbors built in their yard, from blocks of ice they cut out of their driveway.  Yesterday I noticed that they have built a second, slightly smaller igloo next to the first one.  If the winter goes on like this, they may have a yard full of igloos.

Tonight I'm going to try to take another photo to show the two igloos.  They have now strung fairy lights around them.  It's quite a sight.  In the meantime, I found this photo on Google and couldn't resist it.

Maybe we will begin to see polar bears in Kentucky!


Bearette said...

Still some snow clinging to the sidewalks here...but not enough to build an igloo!

judy in ky said...

More than enough here. I think we have about four inches of snow covered by a two-inch thick layer of ice. We can walk on top of the whole thing and not make a dent in it!

Pam said...

I cannot imagine lit up igloos Judy - it would look magical. We have had a run of February birthdays with friends and family here and we have all opted for ice-cream cakes to celebrate because it has been so hot. Again 42 degrees today.

judy in ky said...

Summer birthdays! That's what we have in my family too. When I was little, I thought there was a "birthday season" as in the holiday season.
Enjoy the birthdays and the ice cream cake!