Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Ducky's Back!

Dr. Donald "Ducky" Mallard is played by David McCallum on "NCIS".  I love the character and I love the actor.  So do many others, based on what I read.

Last season, in the finale cliffhanger, Ducky had a heart attack and collapsed on a beach.  We were all worried.  Oh no!  Not Ducky!  He can't die!  The show would not be the same without Dr. Mallard.

Well, I just watched the new season opener.  Ducky is back!  Thank goodness.

This was David McCallum in the 1960s.  He starred in a popular show called "The Man from UNCLE".  It was a favorite back then, as was the actor.  Now, fifty years later, he is Ducky on "NCIS".

I'm glad he's back!


Pam said...

Wasn't he handsome! Is he still? I must watch NCIS here in Oz and see what's happening. It's not a show I usually watch as the time-slot clashes with a favourite on another channel. Off to check out when NCIS is on next.

judy in ky said...

Many girls had crushes on him back in the sixties, but I think he's even better looking now.
NCIS has a way of making you care about its characters.

Bearette said...

Gotta love the name "Ducky."

littlemancat said...

I was anxious about Ducky too! So glad to see him again. We like NCIS also, but it conflicts with William and Mary, a big favorite in our household. I wonder if this is NCIS's last year?

judy in ky said...

I don't think William and Mary is available here. Maybe it will be taken up by our networks. I haven't heard anything about this being NCIS's last year.