Sunday, February 13, 2011

Putting Things Into Perspective

I have been having a difficult time with getting older. Through my 40s and 50s I was always aware that I was aging, but now I feel like I am truly getting old. In July I will reach an important milestone that makes me truly a "senior citizen".

I feel exactly like this:

It's so true! What happened to the old me? Where did she go? I look at photos of myself when I was younger and wonder why I don't look like that person anymore.

It's so much easier to gain weight now, and so much more difficult to lose it;
My chin is getting soft, and my neck is getting crepey;
My hair used to be flirty and flippy, now it's thinning and lifeless;
I used to work all day in four-inch heels. Now my shoes are chosen to for comfort, so I can walk with my arthritic toe.

Well, now I have had an

(that's the epiphany happening)

and this is my new role model!

Just embrace my age and have fun! Don't worry about how I used to look... make the best of how I look now!

And always remember this:

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the veg artist said...

I love this poster. This is so true. Most people in the western world are so fortunate, but just do not know it.