Tuesday, February 15, 2011

More of "Our Gang"

Not much happening here, so I keep busy taking pictures of cats. The semi-feral cats that live outside are more willing to pose for me than our indoor pets, so here are some more photos of our "gang". These are some of the regulars, hanging out on the bench. From left to right: Mama-Mama, Spot, Little Black Kitty.

Spot, up close and personal:

Mama-Mama, up close and personal:

Little Black Kitty, up close and personal:

Little Sister, on one of the chairs:

Sometimes Mama-Mama likes to sit on the roof of the igloo:


Bearette said...

Is Mama-Mama very maternal? I am wondering how she got her name.

judy in ky said...

She was the second female to give birth to a litter. We called the first one Mama, so this one became Mama-Mama. They were both very maternal, actually, and sweet with their kittens.
One of her kittens was friendly from day one and let me pick her up; she was adopted by a family with an autistic boy. She became his special pet and he loves her and cares for her. They call her Pip.

Bearette said...

That's sweet :) I'm glad she found a good home.