Saturday, July 31, 2010

This Is Summer

The best part of summer to me... a cabin on the lake in Michigan. Days are warm, nights are cool. The lake is quiet first thing in the morning, the sound of the occasional fisherman's boat putt-putting out on the lake and the birds singing in the trees. Days are relaxed, padding around in bare feet, wearing shorts and an old t-shirt. Do we go fishing, or hiking, just sit and read, or go for ice cream at the local dairy?

Sitting on the screened porch in the evening, smelling pine trees and wood fires and listening to loons on the lake. Family relaxing, playing gin or Scrabble, taking a break from T.V. and the latest news. It's a time for relaxing the body and refreshing the spirit.


Natalie said...

This makes me happy.

rachel said...

Enjoy it; looks wonderful! Hope the kitten remembers you when you get back home!