Saturday, June 26, 2010

The Summer Doldrums

This morning I went back and read the post I wrote last night. Pathetic! What an empty life! As the saying goes, I need to "get a life!". I need to shake things up. Make some changes. Get out into the world. Quit making cupcakes. Exercise. Lose weight. Make friends. Visit Philadelphia. Make plans to move.

When we moved to Kentucky (to be near family) I left my life behind in Philadelphia. My job. Our friends. A city I had come to love. A whole way of life. I tried to live by the motto "Bloom Where You Are Planted". But I think I am in sand. I think I need richer soil.

Or, is it just the summer doldrums? I am becalmed. Stagnant. Need to move... not sure in what direction, but I know I need to move. Get moving. Start with the treadmill. Resume decluttering. Get back to basics. Get motivated. Hopefully, last night's post was when I hit bottom.


Susan said...

Hey ! why not sign up for some sort of creative course - pottery, painting ... I bet you'd love it. Plus you'd meet some other kindred spirits.

said one recluse to another xo les Gang

judy in ky said...

Hi Susan, yes the life of a recluse is a bit too quiet, isn't it? I like quiet, but this is ridiculous. You are right, I will look for something creative with kindred spirit potential.
Thank you for the encouragement.

rachel said...

'Becalmed' is a good word - not too negative, just indicative of a life at a standstill.You're right to think about looking outside; a course, a group, some activity, perhaps something to tax the brain a little, and a bit of fun. There will be like-minded people (women, mostly) out there waiting for you to join them! Keep us posted, and good luck.

Natalie said...

I understand.
I have not been managing my time, my waist, my home... and the impact on all fronts is rather devastating.
What shall we do Judy?
Let's encourage one another... I will start by getting out of my computer chair (where I pretend I am "Busy") and get busy with laundry and breakfast... and more importantly, I will delegate work to all our little roommates, so I am not playing martyr mom.
Thank you for your frankness... I feel less alone, and more motivated.

judy in ky said...

You're welcome, Natalie. You always seem to be busy with fascinating projects with your family and having fun with friends and the mini-farm in your yard. You don't seem stagnant to me at all. You can encourage me to have more fun, and I will try to encourage you in any way I can.