Friday, June 4, 2010

Boaters, Bikers and Beer On the Ohio River

When I went back and read this, it sounded like I was advertising this place. No, I don't do promotions. I just wanted to show some of the local color we have discovered since moving here. I miss the outdoor cafes in Philadelphia, and this is the closest thing I have found here. It's a whole different vibe from the big city.

It's summer in Northern Kentucky. On a weekend day, when the sun is shining, where do you find everyone who is anyone?

Why, the Ludlow-Bromley Yacht Club, of course! The yacht club floats on the Ohio River. It's really a large pontoon with a roof.

Out back, there is a deck, floating on a separate pontoon. It sways and rocks as the boats pass by on the river.

It's not really a club, just a local gathering place. We go there for a burger and a beer (or a tall gin and tonic). If you take your boat around the bend and down river for a few miles, you will come to Rabbit Hash, the tiny hamlet on the river with a country store and a dog for its mayor.

It's a laid-back place with a varied crowd. Lots of bikers and boaters, and some local characters. Nothing fancy, no one showing off. There is live music at night, and I imagine lots of dancing. We have never stayed that late though.

One day I want to live near the beach. For now, I have the Ohio River!


rachel said...

Well, we HAVE to know more about that dog-mayor!! Please?

judy in ky said...

Hi Rachel, See my next post. I copied it from YouTube.