Monday, August 17, 2009

The Perils of Shopping... Keep Me Out of the Stores!

You know how you go into a store (i.e., Target) to buy one little thing? And end up with a cart full of stuff? Well, I seem to have that problem with Home Goods.

For example... this morning, after writing about not being able to find my napkins, I finally found them. However, I was surprised how old and ugly they were. So, I decided to go shop for new ones. I went to my local Home Goods and found some nice ones that were on sale. Yay!

The problem is... I also found some new framed art while I was looking. It was framed art incorporating pictures of sea glass! They looked a bit like this, but in different colors and arrangements. I couldn't resist them!

I have recently gone crazy over sea glass. It appeals to my love of the sea and the beach. All my life I have longed to live by the sea. But it has never worked out that way. Family, work, all the usual circumstances... have kept me landlocked to this point in my life. I have dreams of retiring near the sea; however, with our retirement accounts declining with the economy and family demands, that may never happen. I have tried to compensate by incorporating little touches of the ocean wherever I can in my environment.

I recently discovered sea glass for sale on Ebay. I now have a small collection. I have been finding interesting ways to use it... filling small glass dishes, nestling it among candles, etc. Anyway, I could not resist the sea glass art. I bought four of them. At first I thought I would put them all in my bedroom. Then I thought they would look nice in the hallway, which has been bare until now. In any case, I walked in looking for napkins and walked out with napkins and pictures. I didn't plan it, but they were calling to me. That's how it happens. I just have to stay away from stores! Does anyone know what I mean?

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