Sunday, August 23, 2009

The Morning After the Party

At my house last night... fifteen people gathered for the evening to taste wine and nibble on cheese, fruit, veggies and scallops wrapped in bacon. Old friends got together. New friends were made. There was much talk and laughter. We tasted a variety of wines from Italy, brought by the "wine lady" who was both knowledgeable and fun. We also tasted wines that each guest brought to the party.

The evening started out with wine and a table full of colorful food. (I wish I had taken some photos to show you, but I just got swept up in greeting guests and there really wasn't a chance.) Then we moved to the dining room for a selection of desserts. There was candlelight and conversation. Then we went outside to talk some more, on the deck lighted with candles and lanterns, under the gazebo and surrounded by hanging ferns. Enjoying a perfect late summer evening.

It was a nice party. This morning I am washing wine glasses and enjoying some leftover cheese. Tonight, it's on to a minor league baseball game with my sister, brother-in-law and three nieces. I think it's the last game of the season, and the girls go back to school next week.


Natalie said...

You must be happy, sighing contentedly... it sounds like it was ideal.

Susan said...

So happy the evening turned out perfect. xo S & the Gang