Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Big Island Vacation, Part Two

Welcome to Waimea!  It's my favorite small town.  It is also known as Kamuela to differentiate it from another town called Waimea on the island of Kauai.

The town sits at a beautiful location, at the base of the Kohala mountains.

This is Waimea as seen from above as you head north on the mountain.

These photos show Waimea at ground level.

Waimea is home to an excellent restaurant called Merriman's.  Recipient of many culinary awards, Merriman's is a leader in the movement to support local farmers.

It looks simple on the outside but it's an elegant space with fine service.  Merriman's and Sansei (sushi at the Queen's Marketplace) are the two places we make a point to visit when we are on Hawaii.

I like to visit the Waimea Coffee Company, a small cafe that is a pleasant place for breakfast or lunch.

Waimea is home to Parker Ranch, one of the largest and oldest cattle ranches in the country.

Waimea is known as "paniolo" country.  Paniolo is the Hawaiian word for cowboy.

A Waimea style stop sign…

From Waimea I drive north on Kohala Mountain Road (State Route 250).  This is my favorite drive, and I do it every time we visit the island.  As you drive up the mountain you have beautiful views of the ocean and Waimea below.  You pass forests and ranches.  There are a couple of areas where you can pull over to enjoy the view.

This is what you find at the end of the road… the Pololu Valley outlook!

I love driving through this area in North Kohala on the island of Hawaii.  I never could feel tired or bored with so much beauty around me.  it's awesome and inspiring.


Cynthia Pittmann, PhD said...
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Cynthia Pittmann, PhD said...

Thanks for sharing, Judy! My sister is moving over there soon time in the near future. It looks great!

Natalie, the Chickenblogger said...

Now I feel the pull... My favorite roads are calling me!

Kanchan Mishra said...

Its quite different blog from others. This is nice photography.

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