Thursday, July 3, 2014

I'm Still Here!

I haven't been posting anything recently.  This is just a temporary lull, I promise.  We have been busy, busy, busy, cleaning out our house.  We finally got serious about it.  Nine years ago we moved from a large house to a small house.  As a result we have been living with way too much "stuff".  It has finally struck me how much nicer life would be without "things" everywhere I look.  I've been sorting and packing up things to give away or sell.

You know how you keep things around, thinking some day you will use them?  Or just because they might be a "collectible" one day in the future?  I have way too much of those kinds of things.  Out they go!  Deciding is the first step.  Then comes the hard work of actually packing it up and getting it to another place.  I have been filling boxes and bags.  I want to see more empty spaces, more clean surfaces.  My "hoarding: days are over.  (I'm not as bad as some of those hoarder shows, but most of mine is hidden away in drawers and closets.)  I've been pulling out things that I haven't seen for years.  I have finally embraced the concept of living simply.

This photo I took in Hawaii inspires me.  The sky with nothing but palm trees and the moon.  I remember how content I felt without all these "things" around me!


rachel said...

Sounds good! Living simply isn't easy, but it's worth it. I'm trying, but there's still all that stuff in the loft!

judy in ky said...

It's simply amazing how much we have that we never use! Sometimes it seems like an overwhelming job, but I just keep going.

Jennifer A. Jilks said...

My daughter had to do this for her late father and her step-mother, with dementia. I've vowed to work on my house and purge!