Sunday, December 8, 2013

Beating the Storm

 We missed the big winter storm that hit our area Thursday and Friday.  On Thursday there was freezing rain, coating everything with ice.  Then on Friday, five inches of snow fell on top of that.   We missed it all because we were visiting friends in Philadelphia.  We had driven there on Wednesday, spending ten hours in the car.  But… we had to worry about driving back home before another storm came through on Sunday!

Saturday was the only storm-free day for us to drive home.  These are some photos I took along the way.  Look how clear and dry everything was as we drove through Pennsylvania.

Bright blue skies, white clouds and dry roads.  No winter storm here!

There was snow and ice at home, but no sign of it as we drove through the Pennsylvania countryside…

We drove through several tunnels under the Allegheny mountains:

The clouds began to gather as the sun went lower.

That huge cloud reminded me of a sci-fi movie where an alien ship is hovering above the populace.

We went across a bridge, and we were in West Virginia.

The sky got lighter the farther west we went… we were chasing the sunset!

The sky was looking very interesting, with lines and streaks and colors all over the place!

I am always watching the clouds and the sky.  It's a good thing my husband was driving!  We arrived home several hours after dark, and weren't at all affected by the storm.


Pam said...

Thanks for sharing the journey Judy. Great pics!

judy in ky said...

I'm happy to have you along, Pam.