Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Out and About

I don't always take my camera with me everywhere I go. But I do always have my iphone with me. So here are some photos I have taken along the way recently.

Last week I had a fun outing with my sister and my youngest niece, Molly. We were shopping for her tenth birthday gift from my mom. For each of her grandchildren's tenth birthday she gives them a special gift. Molly wanted a piece of jewelry with her birthstone, a ruby. We had gone to several jewelry stores and found out that it's hard to find a natural ruby these days; many of them are "created" rubies. My sister wanted to find a natural ruby.

We finally found the perfect necklace that Molly loved, with a natural ruby. Here is Molly wearing her new necklace:

A closer look:

Afterward, we had lunch at a local tea shop:

They encourage guests to wear hats:

Molly didn't wear one, though:

Last weekend, my husband and I went to dinner then to the Cincinnati Playhouse. We tried a restaurant for the first time that some of our friends had recommended:

It was excellent! I had scallops with a delicious risotto. We shared a bottle of Chardonnay (he let me choose the wine).

Then on to the Playhouse in the Park, on a hill in Cincinnati:

We saw "Red", and intriguing play about Mark Rothko. The actors were great. They discussed art and philosophy as they stretched canvases, mixed and applied paint. I thoroughly enjoyed it, as did the whole audience. We were there on opening night and it was well received.

I took these photos before the seats were all filled. They don't allow photos after the play starts.

Yesterday, I just ran some errands. But I took some photos along the way. I saw some gorgeous fall color near the Target store, so I got out of my car and took these:

Then, my final stop of the day:


Natalie said...

Aren't our smart phones wonderful? Good photography is nice, but sometimes just having a quick, easy memento is a real treasure... I am at this very moment downloading images from my iPhone... it's amazing how many *daily* things we forget about, or how many sweet sights catch our eye. I love your assortment.

judy in ky said...

Yes, the smart phone really comes in handy. Thanks for loving my assortment of photos. I just downloaded them and decided to post them.

judy in ky said...

Oh, and my new phone even allows flash photos... I love that!

Bearette said...

Ooh! I love fall. For some reason the leaves have not really turned here. I have read that about rubies - they are often made in labs.lyphl

India Trekker said...

Love your blog. Have read it for over a year now. I've kept my own blog since 2005 and find it a very satisfying method for self expression. Enjoy your trip to Hawaii. I went there for the first time last April and was not expecting to be blown away as much as I was. Absolutely stunning. Just got back from Bali, Indonesia and it may be one of the only other places in the world that rivals Hawaii. It's all good, eh?

judy in ky said...

Hello, India Trekker, it's great to meet you. I still remember the first time I went to Hawaii... I never wanted to leave! The air just felt different, and it smelled like flowers.