Friday, November 13, 2009

My Cats in the Sunshine

We have had a string of beautiful Fall days here... bright sunshine and temps in the 60s. I wish it would stay like this all through the Winter. Here are Katie and Tiger, with the sun shining in on them:

Katie is the big, fluffy one; she came with us when we moved from Pennsylvania. Tiger is one of the formerly feral kittens that we adopted after he and his sister came calling in our back yard. Tiger is a sweet kitty, but very bashful. He loves Katie, I think she's his hero.


rachel said...

Lovely creatures...

I like the way a cat will find the tiniest spot of sunlight and position itself so precisely in it.

Susan said...

Sweet kitties! I love to curl up in the sunshine for a nap just like that, only not on the table! lol

Katie looks a lot like my 15-year-old Cricket.